by Mike Crumplar

steve bannon was an executive producer of julie taymor’s 1999 film adaptation of titus andronicus…. in itself not a bad film, unlike the absolutely unwatchable disney-beatles “across the universe” she made later… bannon, trump, titus andronicus, sex/rape politics, fascism… anthony hopkins feeding jessica lange her own children in a pie after it is revealed they raped and mutilated his daughter… trump almost certainly lusts after his own daughter, the only person it seems who is able/willing to articulate a feminine side of his entire faction, making her such a puzzling figure, and a substitute for his current wife, who, like lavinia in titus andronicus, is unable to really speak (i imagine her confessing her deepest thoughts about her husbands campaign in her native language, to a fellow countryman, perhaps zizek)…. chicago native and coincidental obama lookalike harry lennix plays aaron the moor, the scheming villain whose “soul is black like [his] face”…. the whole movie mixes 30s fascism and ancient roman motifs… according to bannon’s wikipedia page he had a messy divorce and domestic violence charges (that were later dropped)… this frog avatar guy i follow on twitter is saying that trump is the completion of the german idealist system, kinda like how caesar’s coronation completes ovid’s metamorphoses…. ovid, whose epic poem is the source for the myth of philomela, which inspires the mutilated lavinia to point out her rapists in shakespeare’s play… i cant believe how little about the world the data people like ezra klein actually know, the people who should be telling how to see/interpret the world should be those who have a MYTHIC not “data” understanding… everything flows, as heraclitus said… only a god can save us now…