2015: The trigger scene takes the world by storm

by Mike Crumplar


Logophobia—The word—what is that? Other than violence to the fluidity of meaning? That which constrains, limits, coerces, assaults, rapes the intersectional multiplicity of pure experience. The fear of all language as containing potential trauma. Every word uttered is an echo of that fundamental violence. And every word, a portal through which demons of hell crawl through for their invasion, their invasion of this safe space.  The word—a fun-sized morsel of hellish trauma.

Mental health worlds of language—There is no place I feel less comfortable in than a hospital. Perhaps related, by way of fluorescent lights, the public school. Fluorescent lights—migraines. Yet the sterile hospital comes back in sterile language—I’m triggered! “Mental health” is taken up by the student sloganeers, with much more certainty than both the sciences they protest and the sciences they affirm. And so the sickness takes our bodies, parallel in matter and in spirit. Thus are our worlds spinning, knocked out of line and brought to a matter of survival. Meanwhile, the aristocratic head—uglier in person than in his glowing portrait, yet healthy—floats in baroque clouds, oblivious to the world of petty secular institutions below. Their world orbits a cosmic axis.

Reason—Eurocentric reason is inescapable when you’re sentimental—Yes! Destroy reason! It is cruel and Eurocentric. Let us replace it with magic and myth and the poetry of griots. That’s a truth I can swallow easier; it has the sweetness of a coke drip. But what? Now we have a dizzying new universalism that offers an even more sterile truth! Where did that come from? Compassion? How did that get back in? The Who is playing and Abbie Hoffman just jumped on stage to complain. At least Descartes wasn’t so obsessed with pain.

Logophobia—Words mediate our interactions with the silent materiality of all things. And the relationships with things can always be somehow diseased; underneath every relationship between subject an object is a potential for it to go wrong (Ver-haeltnis), to be alienating, to be traumatic.

Transvaluation of all values—We have climbed down from the highest peaks to preach to you: God is dead! God sacrificed himself on the cross so that our church of believers could create a new covenant for eternal joy and liberation. So let us be good Christians in the tradition of St. Paul—let us map out all of the sufferings!

Monuments—All land is stolen and all social structures necessarily exist on or from coercion. Who did the Quinnipiac have to slaughter for that prime real estate? And before them? “Oh but these people are the “Natives”! They are fundamentally attached to the land. And their Pequot neighbors already have a ship named after them! Shhh! He’s an indian! He can commune with the spirits of the earth! Ugh—but it pains! We must find the most marginalized and make a monument to them! They shall be a fine fetish.” Were we to be truly honest and respectful—as we should be with ourselves above all—we would decide to memorialize their tyrants first.